Approx 23 per cent of Qatar area is nature reserve

Doha: In a tweet on its social media Ministry of Municipality and Environment (Baladiya) released the statistics of nature reserve in Qatar.

As per the records, Qatar has 23.6 per cent nature reserve, which is protected area of importance for wildlife, flora, or fauna. Approximately 3,464 sq km of the country’s area is protected reserve.

The country has 12 land reserves and 2 marine reserves of which Khor Al Odeid or ‘Inland Sea’ is the biggest nature reserve. Khor Al Odeid is a UNESCO recognised natural reserve which is one of Qatar’s most impressive natural wonders.

This is one of the few places in the world where the sea encroaches deep into the heart of the desert. This is the reason that Khor Al Odeid is also one of two marine reserves that the country has. The second marine reserve being Al Dakhira.

The Environment Ministry has developed a strategic plan to preserve the natural environment in the country. The officials frequently conduct checks to monitor violations and ensure that endangered species of plants and animals are not harmed.

Some of the other nature reserves in Qatar are: